Hello! My name is Prashanti Anderson and I am currently a junior at Carnegie Mellon University studying Computer Science with a concentration in Algorithms and Complexity. I am interested in CS education and CS theory.

Some things I’ve been up to over my three years in college:

  • TA’d for five semesters in college. I was a TA for 15-122 (Principles of Imperative Computation) freshman spring and since sophomore fall I have been a TA for 15-251 (Great Theoretical Ideas in Computer Science).
  • Worked with Pravesh Kothari on polynomial optimization over the hypercube.
  • Interned 2x at Google as a Software Engineering Intern.

Outside of school I also read lots of fantasy and sci-fi (my favorite author is Brandon Sanderson!), play too much Teamfight Tactics, and am learning to dance.